Sacred Ritual for the New Moon in Libra

The ritual for the Libra New Moon on October 19 at 3:11 pm (EST) involves brightening the darker days of autumn with light to strike a balance for sowing the seeds of your intentions. The New Moon in Libra also marks the start of Diwali, a five night festival of lights honoured by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and other faiths in India. Diwali celebrates the victory of light over darkness and honours Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of abundance (both spiritual and material).

On the Dark Moon, the night before the New Moon, people light clay oil lamps and candles to honour the Hindu God, Ganesha, the remover of obstacles and bestower of blessings for the new year. For five nights lamps and candles are lit on top of the homes and on altars to welcome blessings of Lakshmi and also Ganesha. Diwali is not celebrated homogeneously across India, as customs are influenced by faith and locality.

The energy of the New Moon nudges you to sow the seeds of your dreams. Please know that you don’t need to do a ritual for each Full Moon or New Moon, only connect to the ones you feel drawn to. Your ritual doesn’t need to be complicated. At times, I’ve lit a candle & said a prayer and that was enough. Also, you can do your ritual a day before, on the day or a day after the New Moon, as the energy is still potent.

I am not an astrology expert, only a dabbler, so I won’t be discussing planetary alignments. The medicine of the Libra New Moon is potent for finding balance in areas of your life that experience more peaks and valleys than you would prefer. Libra is connected to the element of air, thus the New Moon may bless you with new ideas and be the bearer of change, especially in the romance and friendship departments. The influence of Libra may also help breathe harmony and peace into relationships that have been strained.

If you take a glance around your home, you will find sacred tools that connect with the energy of the New Moon and the astrological sign of Libra. The secret to creating an altar is to only use sacred tools that connect with you and hold a magical purpose in your ritual. Please remember that there is no wrong or right way, only do what FEELS right in your heart. You are welcome to use my ritual or adopt parts to help you create your personalized one.

For the ritual, choose a candle colour that connects with your intention. You can choose the colour based on the Chakras or another esoteric system. If you don’t have a selection of coloured candles handy, you can substitute a white candle for any colour below.

  • Red: Home, family, financial issues, boundaries, change
  • Orange: Creativity, romantic relationships, passion, sensuality, sexuality
  • Yellow: Confidence, inner-power, courage, career, strength
  • Green: Prosperity, abundance, personal development, healing
  • Blue: Communication (verbal + non-verbal), writing, channelling, friendship
  • Purple: Intuition, development of third eye, visions, dreams
  • Pink: Love, romance, heart matters, childhood, fertility
  • Brown: Materialization, stability, animals, earth medicine
  • Black: Protection, grounding, endings, shadow work
  • White: New beginnings, spirituality, ascension

I suggest focusing on one intention per candle. Using a tooth pick etch symbols, words, sigils or even an affirmation that will assist you with sowing the seeds of your intentions. I can’t remember where I read to inscribe the candle from the top to the middle then from the bottom to the centre to draw in the energy that you want to manifest.

Before you light the candle, you can add three drops of an essential oil you resonate with to the wick. Do not rub the essential oil into the candle as skin irritation can occur, as the oil has not been diluted with a carrier oil. As you light the candle, focus on your intention and visualize it being sown into Mama Earth. You may want to go on a journey by playing your rattle, drum or singing bowl, as the candle burns down.

The flame represents your energy and that of your intention, so pay close attention to how your candle burns. A weak or small flame may imply that you need to re-evaluate your intention or put in extra effort for it to materialize. A clear, strong flame that burns steadily suggests that the candle is sending your intention out into the Universe to help you attract and manifest your dreams.

If the candle starts to smoke heavily then lower vibrating energy is being cleansed and released, but continuous black smoke indicates that a few obstacles exist & need to be removed. A candle that sizzles, hisses or makes a popping sound can indicate that your ancestors are intervening to assist you.

A candle that burns down quickly implies your dream will manifest soon and one that burns slowly suggests that it might take awhile and that you need to put more effort in to manifesting your intention. Always follow your intuition when reading the energy of the candle.

To delve deep into the questions that the New Moon in Libra conjures up, you may want to lay Tarot or Oracle cards. You can use the Libra New Moon Tarot Spread to unravel and explore the themes further. Please tag me in your spread on Instagram, as I’d love to know how you connected! You can include #mooninsights in your post to connect with others in the community.



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