The Art of Chakra Crystal Gridding

Are you scratching your head and wondering what the heck a crystal grid is? You aren’t alone! I was once there too 🙂 

In a nutshell, a crystal grid is created by placing crystals usually in a sacred geometric pattern, which is then energized by your intention.

Most crystal grids are based on sacred geometic patterns like the flower of life. . .hit play, if you are interested in learning about the nuts & bolts of sacred geometry:

I was introduced to crystal grids about 5 years ago. . .and quickly became fascinated with the art of crystal gridding! I can remember feeling a bit overwhelmed and having the following questions run through my mind: how can I create a crystal grid? what crystals should I use? how sould I energize my crystal grid?

Back in January, I created peace grid templates, as I was a bit feeling overwhelmed with all that was happening  and still is in the world, especially in the USA. Setting up a crystal peace grid REALLY helped anchor my energy. . .and inspired me to create chakra crystal grid templates for you! 

If you haven’t already, download my Chakra Crystal Grid Templates. . .choose a grid that you intuitively connect with. . .print and colour in (totally optional, but I highly recommend, as your energy gets infused into your crystal grid). The chakra symbols featured in the crystal grid templates are from the Seeds of Shakti Oracle Deck!

You can also strategically chose a chakra crystal grid based on the type of energy you want to cultivate and focus on:

Root Chakra: financial independence, strengthening of tribal bonds (family + friends), safety & security
Sacral Chakra: creative spark, fuelling passion, feeling confident about your sexuality and/or sensuality
Solar Plexus Chakra: tapping into your personal power, finding courage & confidence, lifestyle changes
Heart Chakra: healing soul relationships, compassion, forgiveness, love, self love
Throat Chakra: speaking your truth, listening without judgement, communication (verbal & non-verbal)
Third Eye Chakra: trusting your vision, intuition, perception
Crown Chakra: connection to your Higher-SELF, enlightenment, dream recall 

If you still can’t decide then I recommend downloading & printing my Chakra Chart and asking your pendulum, “What chakra crystal grid should I create that would be in my HIGHEST and BEST interest?

Now, you might be wondering about how you should choose your crystals? My favourite part of the process! Ideally, you want to choose crystals that are connected to the colour of the Chakra that you chose. If you are struggling with what crystals to use:

Root Chakra: red jasper, garnet, ruby, hematite, black kyanite, black obsidian, smoky quartz, red calcite
Sacral Chakra: carnelian, dark amber, aragonite, snake skin agate, moonstone, tangerine quartz, orange calcite
Solar Plexus Chakra: citrine, yellow amber, tiger’s eye, honey or orange calcite, sunstone, pyrite, lemon quartz, yellow jasper
Heart Chakra: malachite, rose quartz, moss agate, jade, emerald, green aventurine, green fluorite
Throat Chakra: blue lace agate, sodalite, celesite, kyanite, blue apatite, dumortierite, angelite, aquamarine
Third Eye Chakra: amethyst, ameterine, chariote, lapis lazuli, stichtite, lepitolite, purple flourite, tanzanite
Crown Chakra: clear quartz, selenite, apophyllite, clear calcite, herkimer diamond, magnesite, azeztulite

I recommend finding a crystal that is a bit larger than the tumbled pieces for the centre of your grid. . .you can choose a crystal sphere, point, cluster or chunk to place on top of Chakra symbol at the centre of the grid.

Next, you will want to cleanse the crystals that you have chosen for your grid. . .there are seriously a trillion methods for cleansing, so I’ll share my top 3:

  1. Intention: Ask SOURCE to cleanse your crystals through intention. Hold the crystals in your hands and say: “Spirit, please remove any energy that is not of high vibration from these crystals.”
  2. Sacred Herbs: Create a smoke bath using sage or other herbs and then waft the smoke towards the crystals until you intuitively feel that they have been cleansed.
  3. Singing Bowls: Sound is one of the most powerful ways to clear energy. Place your crystals near near the singing bowl then play the bowl until you intuitively feel that they have been cleared. If you don’t own a singing bowl you can use a drum, rattle, or any type of sacred instrument.

To charge, hold your crystals in dominant hand and focus on your intention by delving into your heart space. Visualize and feel yourself radiating your intention into the crystals and then out to the universe. You will intuitively know when you are done with setting your intention.

Place your larger crystal in the centre on top of the Chakra symbol and then add your tumbled pieces to the rest of the grid where the flower forms and to the ends. . .as you do, continue to focus on your intention.

After all the stones are laid, you can use a quartz point or wand to energize your crystal grid further. . .and if you don’t have either, you can use your finger. . .I am serious! Point your wand or quartz point at the large centre crystal and focus again on your intention then move to the smaller tumbled crystal pieces in the rest of your grid. . .the key is keep your intention in your heart as you move from crystal to crystal.

You can also write out your intention and place it underneath the larger crystal for another burst of energy.

You might be under the impression that you can leave your crystal grid in the corner and let the crystals do the magic. . .but that is TOTALLY not the case. . .I encourage you to connect with your crystal grid daily until your intention has manifested! Remember intentions don’t come into fruition instantaneously, so be patient and make progress each day towards your goals.

If you find that you aren’t starting to see any results then you may want to set your grid up again and make your intention even more clearer to the universe. Make sure you use words that are in the present tense and avoid ones that are in the future tense, such as “should,”“would,” or “could,” in your intention. The universe hears everything you say, so affirm your intentions!


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