Interview with Nicole Piar, the Creator of the Spirit Cats Oracle Deck

Last February, I connected with Nicole Piar on Instagram while she was in the midst of her crowd funding campaign for her Spirit Cats Oracle Deck. 

As an indie deck creator, Nicole was such an inspiration because I was in the painting phase for the Seeds of Shakti Oracle Deck. . .and to witness Nicole successfully fund and publish a deck was a HUGE motivator.

I am excited to introduce Nicole to you and the beautiful medicine that she shares with the world through her art and other creative pursuits. Order your Spirit Cats Oracle Deck.

Me: On the back of your cards, you have a beautiful description of each of the Spirit Cats. . .how did these mystical creatures appear to you at first? As you engaged with their energy, did any of their personalities evolve?

Nicole: The Spirit Cats first popped through during my daily intuitive painting ritual where I would paint without a plan and just see what happened.

I was so curious about these magical kitties that I dedicated a month to painting a cat each day. This practice opened up the door to the Spirit Cat world for me. Each day, a new kitty would just peek through with their own unique personality, energy and message.

The individual Spirit Cats didn’t evolve over time. They were who they were immediately. I just worked on seeing them more clearly, understanding them, and poetically and accurately translating their healing spirits and messages into paint and words.

Even after the deck was complete, I have been visited by more Spirit Cats. So much so, that I am playing with the idea of doing a Spirit Cats expansion pack. Their world is very much alive for me.

Me: Are there any Spirit Cats that you resonate with more strongly than others? What 3 Spirit Cat cards describe your personality?

Nicole: Of course, I love them all!!!! But there are actually 4 Spirit Cats who I have been actively working with and who really do encompass my essence: Vision, Imagination, Play, and Intuition.

The Intuition card features a kitty called Ghostkitten. She is actually my avatar in the deck. I used intuitive channeling to create the Spirit Cats Deck and Ghostkitten is the symbol of that transmission of insight from the unseen world into the the physical realm. She corralled the Spirit Cats through the doorway of my imagination.

Me: What feline medicine do you feel the Spirit Cats bring as a collective energy?

Nicole: The Spirit Cats, just like our feline friends, carry the energy of playfulness, radical independence, and healing love. They are mischievous and cuddly but savor solitude as well. They are fully present in their bodies and relish the sensual pleasures just like a kitty stretching and taking a nap in the sunlight.

The Spirit Cats are also a touch mystical just like your cat who always seems to be chasing invisible creatures and staring off into an unknown world. They can see in the darkness and love to linger on the threshold.

Me: As an artist, what tips can you give a budding artist or hobbist who want to tap into sacred animal medicine through art?

Nicole: First make a moodboard of photographs of the animal you are wishing to connect to. Notice if you feel drawn to certain images – if you feel expansive and magnetized to the creature in the picture. Play with drawing and painting the animal while looking at the images.

Then, put the pictures away, close your eyes, center, ground, and open. See if you can contact that animal in your internal space. Spend some time with them and welcome them into your night-time dreams.

Next, experiment with painting the creature without looking at the reference images. Tap into your intuition and imagination and set aside your judgements or critiques of the artwork. Be open to who might appear on the page and invite them into your world.

Me: What is inspiring you right now? What new projects are you working on?

Nicole: I have been very inspired lately by my magical practices. I have been working with the planetary energies, astrology, sigils, charm bags, and connecting to the local nature spirits. I finally can feel the moon cycle in my body and have tapped into that ebb of creation and magnetizing with the waxing moon and release and clearing with the waning moon. I do have a super secret project that I am working on that brings these magical practices and art-making together so stay in touch.

I also have been working on creating a children’s book but am very much in the beginning, murky unknown stage. I have written a few manuscripts but haven’t touched on the one that really feels like it resonates with my heart. In the meantime, I am working on creating more story-telling illustrations with children as I am super excited to have signed on with a wonderful literary/illustration agent, Kathleen Rushall of Andrea Brown Lit. So eventually, there will be a children’s book too – maybe even featuring a Spirit Cat.

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