From Shadow Medicine Rises Peace

I must admit that lately the energy has been heavy and intense, especially for empaths and highly sensitive people like myself. . .social media and the news is overflowing with the latest chaos, but the images of people standing in solidarity are a beacon of hope.

I’ve never been one to get involved in politics, but I am struggling deeply with what is happening and can only imagine that you are too. Doing nothing isn’t a choice for me, as being complacent doesn’t feel right in my heart space. . .listening to Lara Rose Duong’s interview with Layla Saad last night was a huge confirmation that many spiritual souls are feeling the “Rise of the Priestess Activist.”

A few days ago, I connected with a friend, who said “I don’t get why all these women marching have their panties in a knot.” I was in shock and disbelief. I couldn’t stay quiet, so I shared with her why the women had marched and continue to rally. Afterwards, I realised that she wasn’t aware of what was happening in the United States and her ignorance was no excuse to make that disrespectful statement about the women who had marched.

Unfortunately, people often make statements without knowing the facts and perpetuate the chaos further. I ask that you hold sacred space for open discussion, so that “alternative facts” can be squashed and ignorance can be brought into light. You are not separate from the change, you are the change from which social and political awareness emerges and creates a paradigm shift.

As a Canadian, who is both a female and an immigrant, I am grateful to live in a country that believes in diversity, freedom & women’s rights, and most importantly welcomed me as a four & a half year old adopted child. What is currently happening is a threat to those freedoms and rights!

During chaotic and unsettled times, I remind myself to focus on love and peace, as fighting hate with hate has only resulted in more chaos being perpetuated into the world and human history is evidence of that.

“Imagine all the people living life in peace.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one.”

– John Lennon

The words of John Lennon are a reminder that the collective conscience needs to dream of a world living in peace, but each of us needs to take action, no matter how big or small towards that dream. Law of attraction only works when “action” is taken, so dreaming is not enough to bring that dream into fruition. What actions can you take to bring more social and political awareness?

If you are struggling with what you can do, please give yourself time to find what you love and let that bring you back to centre. I wasn’t able to focus on much over the past few days and felt myself spiralling, as I was in disbelief and overwhelmed with what was happening.  Drawing and painting have helped me come back into alignment slowly and I’ve started to feel more grounded.

I believe that art is healing for the heart and soul regardless of if you are an artist or not. For me art has been a refuge and the words of John Lennon have been my solace during these dark times when shadow medicine is everywhere. 

What rose from my creative spark was peace medicine, as the conflict is deeply dividing people around the world, not only in the United States. You might be wondering what the heck peace medicine is? Imagine all of the healing attributes connected with the word peace . . .now imagine that energy being integrated with your consciousness and Higher-SELF. 

Finding your spark to make a difference is incredibly important right now, no matter how small or big, as I know many of us have a deep yearning to stand in solidarity against what is happening. I would like to share with you a colouring page and crystal grids for you to use at your discretion to spread the message of peace. If you post a photo on social media, please use #peacemedicinerising, so the community can connect with you!

If you want to learn more about crystals and grids then you need to connect with Hibiscus Moon. She introduced and taught me about crystal grids a few years ago 

I leave you with the words of Mahatma Gandhi, You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”


About The School of Gypsy Arts

Sharron weaves together her personal experiences and teachings from Paganism, Core Shamanism and other traditions to create unique experiential workshops & events. She is a six sensory intuitive guide, meditation facilitator, certified crystal healer, reader of the Tarot & Tea Leaves.


  1. Thank you Sharron. I have been feeling the same way and have to remember to center myself and focus on love. But I can’t just sit quiet while some are talking about the march, etc. It’s time for me to work that throat chakra – I loved your book on Chakras – thank you so so much!! And keep speaking our truth in love & light! Namaste’
    Awesome art work too!! Peace <3

  2. The School of Gypsy Arts

    Thank-you, Shawna <3 I couldn't agree with you more! Time to rise and speak, as that is what PEACE medicine is all about.

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