21 ways to welcome, celebrate and honour the new year!

I’ve never been able to keep my resolutions. . .in fact, I’ve failed miserably. I’ve usually broken 99.9% of my resolutions by the end of January. Why set yourself up for failure by making resolutions that are unrealistic. Instead, why not celebrate the dawn of a new year through meaningful acts of gratitude and self-love which will contribute to having an amazing 2018?

If you are still holding on energetically to 2017, you might be interested in doing my closing ceremony that I did at the end of 2016 to help release the past 12 months . . . so you can welcome in the new year with an open heart & mind.

My recommendation is to choose what resonates in your heart space, as doing all 21 suggestions would be a bit insane, but doable if you are drawn to them all!

1. At the beginning of each year, I connect with the small space in my hearth that I’ve set aside for my altar. I connect with each of the items to see what resonates with me and what doesn’t. With gratitude, I remove what no longer connects, as the item has served its purpose. I refresh my altar by adding what my heart & soul needs in the new year to flourish.

Window Altar

2. Each year, I do the year ahead spread. . .you can do one for yourself, and another one for your business (if you have one) or perhaps for another area of your life that you could use a bit more guidance in. I take a photo of my spread and journalize about what is intuitively coming up for me in each of the months. If you don’t feel drawn to doing your own year ahead spread then you can book a session with an intuitive that you trust and feel comfortable with, online or in-person.

Year Ahead Spread with the Seeds of Shakti Oracle

3. There are a couple of photo challenges on Instagram that might intrigue you. . .it’s not too late to join. . .the aim is to get clarity on 2018 and also connect with other amazing people from the spiritual online community. You can find scroll through the @divinationchallenges feed to find one that resonates with you.

4. I can’t say enough about the Five Minute Journal. . .such a life changer. Gift yourself one, especially if you want to focus on expressing more gratitude each day. . .or start your own journal.

5. Chose a one word mantra for the year. . .my word in 2015 was CONNECTION. . .I feel that I’ve finally found my community of people who get me and most importantly, I get them too. . .my word for 2017 was FLOURISH. . .and my word for 2018 is IMPACT! If you are having a hard time finding a word, why not grab an oracle deck and chose a card to help you figure out what word resonates with your vibe for 2018?

6. If you are into the woo woo world, why not chose a crystal that connects with your word for the year or the overall energy that you’d like to bring into your life in the next 12 months? I recommend looking at what crystals you’ve been drawn to lately . . . I noticed that I’ve been acquiring a lot of apophyllite lately, so that is my crystal for the year.


7. Time to visit the old closet, and put aside items to donate that you haven’t touched in the last 12 months. . .and also take inventory of what elements you are missing from your wardrobe, so that you are fully prepared for the next 4 seasons.

8. Create a relaxation kit that you can go to when you feel blue, stressed or anxious. I’ve got a few bath bombs, inspirational books like “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert, upbeat oracle decks, essential oil roll-ons, herbal teas, high vibe crystals in mine. I continue to add items throughout the year to replenish the stock.

9. How can you invest in yourself? Is there anything that you want to learn? I signed up for an aromatherapy course last year that got placed on the back burner due to other projects taking precedence. I’ve made completing the course and getting my aromatherapy certification a priority in 2018. Do an online search to see what books or courses are available to help expand and grow your mind.

10. Create a bucket list of what you want to experience in 2018 . . . don’t forget to add a few experiences to your bucket list that you normally wouldn’t try. . .your list doesn’t have to be long. . .it’s all about getting out of your comfort zone and perhaps taking a risk or two!

Cleansing with sage

11. Cleanse your home and your sacred tools using your favourite herbs or white light. . .release stagnate energy from your hearth. . .the key to any release ritual is intention, so focus on what you want to let go of and what you want to welcome in.

12. If you are looking to welcome abundance into your life, you might be interested in a simple prosperity spell with Southern Hoodoo roots.

13. Vision boards are excellent for focusing on what you want to accomplish in the new year. If you don’t have a focus, not to worry. . .you can create a vision board intuitively by cutting and gluing photos that you are drawn to onto poster board. . .that’s what I usually do and I find that helps bring me clarity.

14. Create a list of books you want to read in 2018. . .maybe choose a book for each month. . .here’s a few books to help you get started.

15. I don’t know about you, but my spiritual tools and books could use a bit of help from the organizational fairy. . .create a bit of time to get organized, so you aren’t left wondering where you put your favourite sacred tool.

16. If you feel you didn’t get a chance to welcome in the New Year, not to fret as the Chinese New Year is coming up on February 16th. . .and it’s the year of the DOG! You might resonate more with the Chinese New Year, as it is based on the lunar calendar.

Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans

17. If you are into Earth based spirituality why not journey to the Three Worlds: Lower, Middle & Upper or perhaps find your spirit animal for the year? If you aren’t familiar with shamanic journeying you might be interested in Sandra Ingerman’s book, “Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner’s Guide” or book a session with a trusted Shaman in your area and you can even do sessions online too.

18. Find 7 quotes that inspire, motivate, and uplift you on www.brainyquote.com by searching for your favourite authors or words that you are drawn to. Write the quotes in your journal, print them off and add them to your bulletin board, or create artwork featuring your chosen quotes.

19. Write a love letter to yourself . . .I remember writing a letter to myself at the beginning of the school year when I was a kid. At the end of the year the teacher mailed them out . . .was such a treat to read a message that I had written to myself, which included my hopes and dreams for the next 9 months. . .you can keep your love letter to yourself in a special place until January 1st, 2019.

20. Connect with your Higher-SELF through meditation or a walk in nature. Ask yourself what does my mind, body & soul need from me to flourish in 2018? The nuggets of wisdom that you receive are priceless, thus need to be implemented to ensure your success in the new year!

21. Go on a date with yourself. . .my ideal date would include visiting my local crystal shop and perhaps a metaphysical store then treating myself to a sandwich and soup from a local shop owned by a couple, who have more personality than the soup dude from Seinfeld.


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  1. So many great ideas! I think I am going to work on finding my one word mantra for the year’s energy. It’s going to be a fun challenge to encapsulate in one “power word” all the shifting energy I feel right now! (In fact, “power” is a good candidate for my 2017 mantra!)

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