How to say HASTA LA VISTA to the past 12 months!

I started my closing ceremony for 2016 a bit earlier than usual, as I knew in my heart space that my soul needed more time to process the last 12 months. I am grateful for all that has transpired, even the hard lesson which weren’t easy to swallow.

I must admit that jumping feet first into 2017 without releasing the last 12 months would have been a lot easier, but would have eventually caught up to me! Allowing myself to process the last year has brought me closer to my authentic-self as I’ve been able to reflect, accept, and release 2016, so the upcoming year can be received with love & gratitude.

My closing ceremony is not complex and isn’t ritual intensive either because I find that simplicity is best when connecting to your Higher-SELF & the Divine. You are welcome to adapt and change my closing ceremony as you see fit, so that the process feels right for you.

Personally, I find it difficult to reflect in a cluttered space, as energetically it doesn’t resonate with me, so I highly recommend finding a corner in your home that is empty.  Gather your favourite spiritual tools: crystals, incense or sage, candles, journal, and any Oracle or Tarot deck. Don’t forget to grab your meditation cushion or a blanket. I find sitting on the floor grounding, especially when I am doing a ceremony, as my Root Chakra is better able to connect with Mother Earth.

Create sacred space by arranging the spiritual tools that you were drawn to , until the energy feels right. Next, take a deep breath in through your nose, hold that breath for has long as you can comfortably, and then release the air through your mouth. Take as many deep breaths as you need to until your body feels completely relaxed. Finally, light your incense or sage to cleanse yourself and your scared space. I try to open the windows after I’ve cleansed to allow low vibrating energy to escape.

Light your candle, and as you do, feel your sacred flame ignite within connecting you to your Higher-SELF & the Divine. Stay in the space for as long as you need to until you feel connected. Close your eyes and focus on your breath to bring you to the present moment then begin your reflection with January. For each month, reflect on what occurred, lessons learned and most importantly celebrate your WINS! Afterwards, journalize about your reflection, as writing is cathartic and will help you with releasing raw emotions & feelings that you’ve buried.

Next, shuffle your Oracle or Tarot deck for the Closing the Year Spread and select your cards with intention of releasing 2016.

Card 1: What vibrations did I send out into the universe in 2016?

Card 2: What blessings have I received in the last 12 months?

Card 3: What struggles do I need to release from the past year?

Card 4: What lessons should I carry forward with me to 2017?

Card 5: How did my mind, body, and spirit expand and grow in 2016?

Card 6: Message from the Divine to bring 2016 to a close with a grateful heart.

If you use the Seeds of Shakti Oracle deck for your Closing the Year Spread, I highly recommend selecting white card backs for positions 1, 3, 5 and black for 2, 4, 6. Why? White denotes the Sacred Masculine and all you have projected into the Universe over the past 12 months. The black represents the Divine Feminine and all you have received from the Divine in the last year.

Close the ceremony by sitting in deep gratitude for the past year by acknowledging the lessons and blessings, and snuff the candle out when you are done.


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Sharron weaves together her personal experiences and teachings from Paganism, Core Shamanism and other traditions to create unique experiential workshops & events. She is a six sensory intuitive guide, meditation facilitator, certified crystal healer, reader of the Tarot & Tea Leaves.