The Empress: Are you unleashing YOUR inner Goddess?

The Empress is an influential woman that knows how and when to use her power. She is not a Drama Queen, but rather, a confident and independent woman who knows how to communicate her feelings and thoughts. She isn’t a victim and is certainly not a martyr. She doesn’t shy away from implementing healthy boundaries and putting herself first. She is one empowered WOMAN! Hear her ROAR 😉

There is no denying that The Empress is also the ultimate nurturing figure. The archetype of this card includes mothers, grandmothers, wives, and strong independent women. A person that you can share your inner most feelings with and know that you won’t be judged, but will be supported and loved unconditionally.  I hope that you have at least one person like this in your life <3. If you don’t, you can manifest by connecting to the energy of The Magician. Remember, you are an Empress too!

Please keep in mind that not all Mothers are the stereotypical: nurturing, loving, or caring figures, but The Empress is! Males can be that nurturing yin energy too. Simply try to focus on that lovely nurturing energy that all of us require to be supported through-out life, not just childhood!



I asked on Instagram which public figure embodies the energy of The Empress.  Here’s what @eternal.athena.tarot @tarot_and_tea and @xcosmicloverx had to say:


Right now I feel a huge draw to Lakshmi . . . as for public figure I would say Mother Teresa or Amma also known as the Hugging Saint. What public figures represent The Empress for you?

If you don’t have a strong relationship with your Mother, then The Empress may trigger emotions that have been dormant. Try not to bury any feelings you have. You can bring healing to any old wounds by connecting with Mother Earth, after all, she is our collective Mother.

A person does not need to give birth to a child to embody the energy of a Mother. Many people experience the process of birthing through creative or artistic endeavours, such as writing books, inventing products, organizing events, and so forth. Therefore, you can create and birth in different forms, not only the traditional way. What do you want to create and birth into this world? How will you make that happen? Let yourself create without limitations and allow the magic to unfold within you!

In the Rider-Waite Smith Tarot, The Empress exudes the energy of a true sovereign, as she sits on her beautiful throne. The powerful sceptre in her hands represents that she has mastered her feminine power and knows how to birth what she desires. The Empress leans on her lavish, comfortable orange and red pillows, which signify her strength and her strong willpower. I also feel that the red pillow signifies that she is connected to her Root Chakra and the Element of Earth, which astrologically is connected to The Empress.  The orange pillow represents her Sacral Chakra, as she is the Goddess of creation, sensuality, and love.

Rider Waite Smith and The Wild Unknown TarotWith the type of attitude that the Empress has it is no surprise that abundance surrounds her in the form of a rich wheat field, lush trees, and a beautiful flowing waterfall. Her nurturing disposition allows life to flourish around her effortlessly. Are you allowing abundance into your life? Are you giving space for the existing abundance to flourish? Abundance is not always tangible, so be open to welcoming abundance in all forms, not just monetary!

The gown that The Empress is wearing is usually covered in pomegranates or flowers in most decks. In the Rider-Waite Smith Tarot, I feel the gown has pomegranates to symbolize how fertile The Empress is with life. You may interpret the gown having flowers embroidered on it and that is perfectly acceptable, as interpretation of the Tarot is a subjective art form, not an objective one! You are drawn to seeing the cards in a particular way based on your life experience and intuitive triggers.

Her throne is made from stone with a heart engraved on the side, symbolizing that she gives support and advice straight from the heart. The astrological symbol for the planet Venus (a circle and a cross) is inscribed on the side of her throne to represent her supreme inner & outer beauty, connection between her mind, body & soul, and her expansive Heart Chakra. After all, the planet Venus is connected to love, romance, pleasure, money, beauty and the arts.


The Empress has a strong connection to the stars and the universe. Her crown has 12 stars signifying that her energy is present and strong during all 12 months of the year, even during the fall and winter when the Earth’s energy has retreated. Mother Earth is abundant enough to sustain not only the growing human population, but also her other children: birds, insects, animals, plants and aquatic life. I feel that The Empress has a strong connection to Mother Earth, as the energy of the two is the same for me.

As I connect with The Wild Unknown Tarot’s interpretation of The Empress, I feel a softer energy that still ignites my intuition in the same way that the Rider-Waite Smith Tarot does. The use of a deciduous tree is interesting, as the leaves shed according to the seasons, much like the lining of a woman’s womb every 28 days, when she is in her prime. In addition, the leaves will shed in the autumn and bud again in the spring much like a woman’s natural rhythm.

The Empress is also connected to the Moon, as she is a Goddess and perhaps she is wiser than The High Priestess in many ways, which may explain the Waning Moon representing the crone phase. The sun is traditionally associated with the Divine Masculine & daylight and the Moon is connected with the Sacred Feminine & night, thus background is black to denote the feminine energy in the Wild Unknown Tarot.


Trigger words & phrases:

  • Nurturing female figure: Girlfriend, Wife, Mother, Grandmother
  • Embrace the yin energy in your life and within yourself
  • Nourishment
  • Fertility or Pregnancy
  • Creation
  • Abundance
  • Divine Goddess or Sacred Feminine
  • Connect with Mother Earth
  • Unconditional Love
  • Sensuality

How you view the cards is subjective and is influenced by what is happening or has occurred in your life! Other valid meanings for the card do exist, and I believe the best way to connect with the Tarot is to understand the energy of each card and how it triggers your intuition. So, what energy does The Empress represent for you? What are your trigger words & phrases?


How does The Empress mingle, move & shake with the other cards?

The Empress embodies the Goddess energy and when she is paired with another card, she reminds you to take into consideration a yin perspective on the person or situation at hand. For example, if The Empress were to be paired with the Strength card then you may need to deal with the current situation in a compassionate manner and exercise unconditional love like a Mother would with her children.

On the other hand, if The Empress was paired with The Devil then her energy is there to assist you in finding a healthy way to nurture yourself without eating unhealthy food, drinking alcohol, or using another vice that might temporally help sooth your old hurts and wounds.


Affirmations for The Empress . . .

“I embrace the Goddess within me and allow her energy to freely flow through my life.”

“I am not afraid to love unconditionally without expectation.”

“When I nurture myself, I nurture others.”


Crystal Medicine

As a nurturer of life, The Empress’ Heart Chakra is expansive. She is over flowing with unconditional love for not only humanity, but also all life on Earth.  Her mindset is one of abundance, not poverty as she is surrounded by a plethora of life. She is Pachamama, the Mother of the Earth. She births life, but also creation in other forms. I can’t think of a better way to honour her than with a piece of Emerald, which worn by royalty from all over the world from Queen Cleopatra, to the Moguls of India. She is divine, she is sacred, and she is the creator!


Embrace The Empress . . .

  1. Next time your boundaries are crossed, try to channel the energy of The Empress to assist you in re-asserting your boundaries in a non-aggressive way. Close your eyes and visualize energy flowing from The Empress into you, to give you strength and compassion to assist you in asserting your boundaries.
  2. Put aside an hour of your time to do an activity that nourishes your soul. It can be anything that creates sacred space for you to embrace your yin energy. Perhaps a walk in nature, a day at the spa, gardening and tending to your flowers?
  3. Connect with a Goddess, perhaps Venus, Gaia, Lakshmi, or another one that resonates with you. Create an altar and dedicate it to the Goddess that you have chosen or find a meditation that will assist you in connecting with her. Don’t be shy to do research on her to learn about her attributes, gifts, and history.
  4. Connect your energy to the ultimate Mother, Gaia, through a meditation. If you can practice this meditation outside, even better! Visualize strong roots growing from the bottom of your feet, going deep into the Earth, and wrapping around a giant crystal, boulder or something else that you can anchor your energy to. Feel Gaia’s beautiful grounding energy coming up those strong roots and travelling up into the rest of your body. Sit still for a few moments and enjoy this connection to Mother Earth.
  5. If you are always the nurturer, next time a person offers to do something for you that is going to make your life a bit easier, don’t say “no.” Instead, accept the help offered with a simple, “thank-you.”


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