Listen to the whispers of YOUR ancestors

As the leaves turn different hues of yellow, orange, and red, the Earth enters into the crone phase on the Autumn Equinox (September 22nd, 2016). Thus, a powerful time for connecting with your ancestors, who walked the Earth hundreds and thousands of years ago!

Take a walk through the forest and listen closely with an open heart, you will hear your ancestors, who communicate with you through signs and symbols that are often subtle.  Might be a feather that you find, a bird calling in the distance, or a shape you see in the trees . . . all you need to do is be aware.

Who are your ancestors? Take a moment to ponder what their day to day life was like. What was their mother tongue? What was their occupation? What gifts have you inherited from them?

Your ancestors are part of you, as the blood that flows through your veins connects you not only to your lineage, but also to distant living relatives with whom you share the same great, great, great, great, great grandmother and grandfather with.

As you peer at the Court Cards, which ones represent your ancestors? My ancestors were farmers, so I am drawn to the King and Queen of Wands. If your lineage is full of warriors or army officers, you may resonate with the King and Queen of Swords . . . perhaps your ancestors were artisans or missionaries then the King and Queen of Cups may speak to you . . .King and Queen of Pentacles may represent wealthy landlords. Your interpretation of the Court Cards will be different, as the Tarot is a powerful reflection tool.


What does the energy of your ancestors feel like? Shuffle through the Major Arcana and choose as many cards as you need to, to describe their energy. I am drawn to The Empress, The Emperor and also The Chariot. Let the Tarot speak to your soul to strengthen your connection with your ancestors.

You may even want to chose a particular deck that is connected to your ancestry. Perhaps your background is Celtic, so you may feel drawn to working with The Druid Craft Tarot.

If your ancestors came from many places, consider yourself blessed and go with the part of the world that you feel the most drawn to. . .and this may change over time, so don’t be surprised.

You can place the Major Arcana & Court Cards that you chose to represent your ancestors on your altar, as many of us do not have any photos or paintings dating back hundreds of years. I don’t know even know what my great grandparents looked like with the exception of one great grandmother. The Tarot has the power to be a portal to your ancestors, as you are tuning into their energy and choosing cards that represent their energy.

If you are curious about your ancestors and hear the call to connect with them, try out the Ancestors Tarot Spread (yes, you can use oracle cards too :). Use the hashtag #ancestorstarotspread to connect with others and you may even get featured on my IG!

Ancestors Tarot Spread

The Autumn Equinox marks the balance between light and dark and is also known as Mabon by Pagans and Wiccans. To celebrate Autumn, several of us have banded together to support YOUR Equinox Journey, offering tarot and oracle card spreads; information on how to work with the Colours of Autumn; tips on working with your Inner Cauldron; new additions for your Art Journal; creative writing tips; working with Lilith; the journey of Persephone, Demeter and Hades, and much much more. To read the next article in the Fall Tarot Blog Hop, “click here.” 

About The School of Gypsy Arts

Sharron weaves together her personal experiences and teachings from Paganism, Core Shamanism and other traditions to create unique experiential workshops & events. She is a six sensory intuitive guide, meditation facilitator, certified crystal healer, reader of the Tarot & Tea Leaves.


  1. alexis

    i did the spread but i cant find any website that will interpret it according to this ancestor spread. can you help me? #1-page of pentacles, #2-the magician reversed, #3-queen of cups reversed, #4-knight of wands reversed, #5- ten of wands reversed, #6- the fool reversed. thats my spread. is there a website with tarot card meanings specifically for communicating with ancestors?

  2. The School of Gypsy Arts

    Hey Alexis, You don’t need a website to help you communicate with your ancestors. . .you have everything that you need inside. . .trust what you are receiving from your intuition. . .take a moment to glance at each card and see what rises up for you. . .and that is your message for the card. . .using a generic website won’t give you as powerful of a reading. . .I hope you try using your power and intuition to connect <3 Love & Blessings, Sharron

  3. Anonymous

    I like the idea of this spread. I’m a little unclear on the difference between 1 and 2. If the first card says who the person is, then doesn’t that automatically describe the relationship?

  4. The School of Gypsy Arts

    Great question! Card 1 seeks who is present, but Card 2 can be used to clarify how the ancestor(s) is related to you by blood or could be used to seek information about a karmic connection, for example, the ancestor(s) might have experienced the same challenges as you are and can support you in breaking a karmic/generational pattern. I hope this helped. . .you can use the prompt from Card 2 to trigger whatever question that needs to be answered <3

  5. Anaya Gould

    I got a lot of negative cards when I read this for example five of wands, the sun reversed, the hanged man reversed. The ancestor that came through over all just seemed so negative to me… Is it likely that such a negative ancestor would come through?

  6. The School of Gypsy Arts

    Sorry for the late response. . .just noticed your comment in the cue. I would recommend clearing your sacred space and laying the cards again, especially if the energy feels extremely negative. On another note, not all our ancestors are positive and uplifting individuals, so I suggest exploring the shadow medicine offered by your ancestor as that could be insightful and helpful for you.

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