Why is the Full Moon in August referred to as the Sturgeon Moon


Why is the Full Moon in August referred to as the Sturgeon Moon?

I am always curious about what the name of the Full Moon is each month AND why? 

I follow the lunar cycle closely, as I celebrate the New Moon and Full Moon’s each month. The Moon cycle provides my life with a natural rhythm that intuitively feels right! 

The Full Moon in August will be on Saturday, August 29th @ 11:35 am (PDT) and at the following times in other major cities:

  • Los Angles & San Francisco @ 11:35 am (PDT) on August, 29th
  • Calgary & Denver @ 12:35 pm (MDT) on August, 29th
  • Chicago & Houston @ 1:35 pm (CDT) on August, 29th
  • Toronto & New York @ 2:35 pm (EDT) on August, 29th
  • London & Dublin @ 7:35 pm (GMT) on August, 29th
  • Paris & Berlin @ 8:35 pm (CEST) on August, 29th
  • Athens & Istanbul @ 9:35 pm (EEST) on August, 29th
  • Mumbai & New Delhi @ 12:05 am (IST) on August 30th
  • Singapore & Perth @ 2:35 am (SGT) on August 30th
  • Sydney & Melbourne @ 4:35 am (EST) on August 30th


What is the Full Moon in August Called?

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the Full Moon in August is known as the Sturgeon Moon in North America, especially on the East Coast. The name comes from the Aboriginal tribes of the Great Lakes who caught sturgeon during this month’s Moon. In certain Almanacs, the August Full Moon is called the Fish Moon, instead of Sturgeon Moon, as fish runs have started and fisherman are out on the waters catching salmon, trout, sturgeon. 


Across North America, Aboriginal tribes that didn’t fish had their own names for the Full Moon in August: “Blueberry Moon” (Ojibway), “Moon When All Things Ripen” (Dakotah Sioux), “Wheat Cut Moon” (San Juan), “Fruit Moon” (Cherokee). 

The August Moon was also known as the Green Corn Moon, as corn crop was ready to be harvested and the Red Moon due to the red tint caused by the warm weather haze most likely from forest fires.

In Pagan and Wiccan tradition, the Full Moon in August is known as the Corn Moon, Grain Moon, or the Barley Moon. 


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