How to Celebrate Lunasa, Lughnasadh, Lamass, Lady Day Eve, Mid-Summer or Feast of Bread


How to Celebrate Lunasa, Lughnasadh, Lamass, Lady Day Eve, Mid-Summer or Feast of Bread

Many names exist for Mid-Summer: Lunasa (Celtic) Lughnasadh (Loo-nah-sah), Lammas (Christianized name), Lady Day Eve, Feast of Breads, Festival of Green Corn (Native American).

You may or may not follow a Wiccan or Pagan path, but might feel drawn to celebrate Mid-Summer, which marks the first harvest of the year and the half-way point of summer. In warmer areas, Mid-Summer may mark the second harvest.

My 5 top ways to celebrate Mid-Summer, Lunasa, Lughnasah are:

1. Make popcorn from scratch and share with family, friends, and neighbours. You can make gourmet types of popcorn with herbs or caramel. Lammas is associated with the grain harvest, so making  popcorn is wonderful way to honor the essences of this celebration!

2. Make bread from scratch! Isn’t as hard as you might think . . . breaking bread on Lunasa is an ancient tradition that goes back thousands of years. If making bread seems like a chore then try making biscuits 🙂

3. Right now wild sage is abundant, so why not make your own sage bundle for smudging. If you live in a climate that doesn’t have wild sage then you can purchase white sage at a farmers market or local grocery store. For detailed instructions on how to make your sage bundle:

Make YOUR  Sage Stick


4. Pick wild blackberries. If you live in British Columbia or other areas where blackberries are abundant then now is the time to harvest them. Why not go for a drive and pick blackberries to eat fresh, add to pancakes or turn into jam.

5.  Create an altar for Mid-Summer. Take a walk and pick wheat, purchase sunflowers, make a beeswax candle, gather stones & crystals that symbolize the harvest (yellow, orange, red), add a candle (yellow or white) to honor the sun.


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