The High Priestess: Are you trusting YOUR inner wisdom?

When you study the Tarot or anything related to the spiritual realm, you embody the energy of The High Priestess, as you are learning how to trust your inner wisdom by developing your intuitive abilities. Many Intuitives, Mediums and Spiritualists identify themselves as The High Priestess, thus the archetype is of the Seer, Oracle, Mystic, Sage, or Wise One. If you are a male, then you are The High Priest. A handful of Tarot decks have changed the name of The High Priestess to The High Priest. Don’t let masculine or feminine variation of the name get in the way of you connecting with this card because at the end of the day you are created from both the Divine masculine & feminine!

The High Priestess is a beautiful Divine feminine energy that is intricately connected to the Moon and her cycles. In the Rider-Waite Smith Tarot, The High Priestess’ crown is believed to be made from moonstone, a beautiful iridescent crystal that has been associated with the Moon for millennia. The crown shape represents the 3 aspects of the Triple Goddess in Paganism and also the cycles of the Moon: Maiden is connected to the Waxing Moon, Mother to the Full Moon, and the Crone to the Waning Moon. 

At The High Priestess’ foot is the Waxing Moon signifying that she is increasing in her power and abilities every day that she continues to connect with her inner wisdom. The Waxing Moon also indicates that she is currently in the maiden form, thus a life long student of the esoteric realms. Most Intuitives and Mediums that are modest will tell you that the study of the esoteric realms doesn’t end after taking a course or reading a book, instead, each one opens the door for more learning, as you become more intrigued about other spiritual topics.

Rider-Waite Smith
Rider-Waite Smith

As an Empath, The High Priestess needs to keep herself grounded, centred, and shielded, so the cross on her chest acts as her protective talisman. Like The High Priestess, you will need to learn about shielding techniques and protection tools to help maintain a healthy aura, especially if you are doing intuitive sessions for others. You don’t want the challenges and baggage of others to become yours! Shielding and protecting your aura is vital to your longevity as a reader and/or healer.

The High Priestess is holding a scroll labelled “Tora,” in her hands, which is the name of the Jewish Bible. Throughout the Tarot you will see references to Kabbalah, a form of Jewish Mysticism. I personally believe that The High Priestess is hiding the last letter of the word, a “t,” which would then spell Tarot. She is mysterious and guards her mystic knowledge, but is willing to share what she knows with those whom she trusts. You may feel you need to hold close to your heart what you are learning and only share with those who are like-minded & open to your spiritual path. Nothing wrong with being selective!

The pillars with the B & the J can’t be ignored, as there is a strong connection to an ancient temple made by King Solomon, in Jerusalem. The letters are also prominently featured in Masonic temples. The B and J are references to Boaz and Jakim. In Kabbalah, Boaz and Jakim are the right and left most pillars of the Tree of Life. Jakim is the male polarity, whereas Boaz is the feminine. Jakim represents light, activity, motion, severity and Boaz the exact opposite: darkness, passivity, silence, mercy. Boaz and Jakim are similar to the concept of yin and yang in Eastern spiritual philosophy.


Pomegranates are also connected to King Solomon’s temple, which was believed to be decorated with garlands of the fruit. The veil behind The High Priestess is covered in pomegranate seeds that mature into trees representing how one can bloom from having spiritual knowledge & wisdom. The pomegranate seeds are also a reference to the ovaries and a woman’s menstrual cycle, which is connected to the 28-day Moon cycle. Therefore, The High Priestess has a strong connection to the Sacral Chakra, which is connected to sensuality, creativity, passion, and the womb.

If you look closely behind the veil, towards the bottom, you’ll notice that The High Priestess is near the water. The High Priestess’ dress flows like a river, especially where the Waxing Moon is at her feet, a reminder of her strong connection astrologically to the Moon, but also the Element of Water. The rhythms of Grandmother Moon are powerful, as her gravitational force is responsible for the oceans low & high tides.

I have often felt that there is a cat hiding underneath The High Priestess’ gown directly above the Waxing Moon. If you look closely, you will see an outline of a cat’s partial face, body and ear. The cat is a well-known familiar of the High Priestess, as she and the feline are both are mysterious, instinctual, intuitive and independent.

The Wild Unknown Tarot & Seeds of Shakti Oracle
The Wild Unknown Tarot & Seeds of Shakti Oracle

As I stare at the High Priestess card from The Wild Unknown Tarot, I realize that Kim Krans most likely chose a tiger to carry on with the feline theme, as The Magician is represented by a cheetah. The energy of the tiger is so different from the cheetah even though the two both belong to the feline family. The tiger is primal, intuitive, confident, and independent. She is also a nocturnal hunter, which explains why the background is black representing the darkness of night. Interestingly, tiger cubs are born blind, thus they are required to rely on their third eye much like The High Priestess to navigate.

The Waning Moon shinning above the tiger’s head is associated with the Moon’s crone phase, representing wisdom, knowledge, and inner magic. A crystal-like sphere with hues of purple and blue sits against the tiger’s chest perhaps connected to the upper three Chakras: Throat, Third Eye, and Crown, which are commonly used by Intuitives and Mediums to connect with the other realms and the Divine. She doesn’t try to hold the sphere, as she knows that intuition must flow freely without restriction.

In a nutshell, The High Priestess is about trusting your intuition and developing your spiritual gifts from the Divine!


Trigger words & phrases:
• Uncovering inner wisdom
• Tapping into ancient knowledge
• Highly intuitive person that may or may not be a professional reader
• Learn to trust and follow inner knowing
• Embrace intuitive gifts through spiritual growth and development
• Tune out the opinions of others and the world in order to hear your inner wisdom
• Learning about mysteries and secrets related to the esoteric realms
• Connect with the cycles of the moon to enhance intuition
• Menstrual cycle and the womb
• Sixth Sense

How you view the cards is subjective and is influenced by what is happening or has occurred in your life! Other valid meanings for the card do exist, and I believe the best way to connect with the Tarot is to understand the energy of each card and how it triggers your intuition. So, what does The High Priestess represent for you? What are your trigger words & phrases?



How does The High Priestess mingle, move & shake with the other cards?
The energy of the High Priestess is about following and trusting your inner wisdom, no matter what! When she appears next to another card, for example, The Lovers, the combination of the two cards may indicate that a partnership is a spiritual one, in which the two people are in tune with one another’s energy and can communicate without saying a word.

If The High Priestess shows up next to The Devil there is a strong indication that she is asking you to trust you inklings regarding a relationship or partnership. Be cautious and aware of any illusions, as The Devil’s energy might not be allowing you to see the relationship for what it is!


Affirmations for The High Priestess . . .
“I am in sync with the rhythms of Grandmother Moon.”

“I trust in the mystery of life and the wisdom of my ancestors.”

“My intuition is my compass and the navigator of my life.”


Rider-Waite Smith and Chrysalis Tarot
Rider-Waite Smith and Chrysalis Tarot

Crystal Medicine 
The High Priestess teaches the sacred wisdom of the ancestors, who worshipped not only the Sun, but also the Moon. She is in tune with her Higher-SELF and the spirits, as the Moon has blessed her with the gift of intuition & empathy. To increase her connection to the Moon she wears a moonstone in her crown that also honours the 3 phases of the Goddess: maiden, mother and crone. The High Priestess also uses carnelian, an orange crystal associated with the Sacral Chakra and the natural rhythms of a woman.




Embrace The High Priestess . . .
1. The High Priestess is astrologically connected to the Moon, so Google when the next Full Moon is and do a release ceremony. For the ceremony, you can write down what you would like to release and then burn that piece of paper on the Full Moon.
2. As you develop your intuitive gifts, see what happens when you connect with a piece of moonstone. Try holding onto moonstone while you connect to the Tarot or another divination tool. Does the crystal amplify your intuition? If not, find another crystal that you resonate with.
3. Over the next 28 days, follow the Moon and become familiar with her phases. Notice how the Full Moon and New Moon affects your energy. The New Moon is connected to birthing new energy, for example, what you desire and want in your life. Whereas, the Full Moon is about releasing and letting go of stagnant energy that is holding you back. Don’t forget about the Waxing and Waning Moons! 
4. You can manifest your desires and dreams by connecting to the New Moon. Connect to the New Moon by setting a clear intention of what you would like to birth in your life. On the New Moon, meditate on your intention and visualize it coming into fruition.
5. Connect with the Tarot on the Full Moon, as your intuition will be magnified. Try doing a card spread for yourself. Journalize about what you received from each card and check in at a later date to see what came into fruition or how you used the insights to change your path.




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