The Magician: Are you ready to embrace your power?

I prefer to use the word “ALCHEMIST” to describe The Magician, perhaps because the former is connected more to the transformation of energy rather than cheap circus tricks or wannabe Merlin characters.

You have the power to connect with the Tarot as you see fit and if you find it difficult to connect with the name of a particular card, I highly recommend finding another name that resonates with you, as this will open a new portal of understanding. Honestly, try not to let the silly name of a card get in your way! I’ve seen people get hung up on the name of the card, especially the Temperance card.

I’ve heard people say that The Magician is the adult version of The Fool. Do you agree? Interesting perspective nonetheless! The Fool unravels the bag that he was carrying over his shoulders to discover the four sacred tools: wand, cup, sword, and pentacle. The Magician now has everything that he needs to be an alchemist.

The sacred tools on the table in the Magician card represent the 4 Minor Arcana suits. Nothing is ever a coincidence in the Tarot, as everything is significant even the minute details!  The four elements: earth, air, fire, and water are represented by the pentacle, sword, wand, and cup. The pentacle represents earth, the sword symbolizes air, the wand is connected to fire, and the cup is related to water. Intuitively, I feel that The Magician represents the final element: Spirit, as each of us are part of the Divine.

If you look a little closer at the table beside The Magician, you will notice that three of the four elements are inscribed into the side of the table in The Rider-Waite Smith deck. From left to right, waves for water, flame for fire, and dove for air. You might be wondering why the element of earth is not carved into the side of the table. Well, take a closer look, what is the table made from? Wood, which represents earth.

Rider Waite Smith
Rider-Waite Smith

The Magician understands the laws of the Universe, such as, energy cannot be created or destroyed, thus can only be transformed. He knows how to harness his power and is a master of alchemy. As a result, he can turn a piece of coal into a diamond because he understands his ability and power. Thus, The Magician has rightfully earned the infinity sign that is above his head in The Rider-Waite Smith and many other decks.

Astrologically, Mercury is associated with The Magician and the planet is traditionally connected to self-expression. One of the keys to being a powerful alchemist is knowing how to communicate your ideas and thoughts. Without strong communication skills, The Magician wouldn’t be able to manifest much!

The number one is associated with The Magician, as he embodies the energy of a “one” to a tee.  According to Numerology, the number one is associated with independence and leadership – basically an alpha personality. The Magician doesn’t need to rely on anyone else to manifest his desires, as he knows that he has all the potential within him to create his reality.

The number one also represents primal energy that can be moulded into anything that The Magician desires. The Magician has the raw potential of the four elements at his disposal to mould into whatever he desires.  What will he manifest? The possibilities are endless.

Pause for a moment and visualize yourself as The Magician. What do you want to create in your magical life? Are you clearly communicating your intention to the Universe? How can you use the tools you currently have at your disposal to manifest your desires?  You have the potential within you to be The Magician!

Oprah Winfrey embodies the energy of The Magician for me, as she came from nothing and was able to manifest an entire empire. I admire Oprah’s ability to pursue her dreams and launch successful ventures like O Magazine. I asked The School of Gypsy Arts Online Community on Facebook, which public figure represents The Magician for them.



The Magician recognizes the cycles of life: birth, death, re-birth. In The Rider-Waite Smith, the lush red roses surrounding him represent birth and rebirth, whereas the white lilies are connected to death due to their association with funerals and celebrations of life. The serpent around his waist also symbolizes the cycles of life.

The Magician’s posture in The Rider-Waite Smith is COMMANDING, as he is pointing one hand above with a clear quartz crystal, a well-known manifestation tool and the other hand is pointing below, which signifies he is connected as above, so below. He is connected to the Universe above and to the Earth below. Thus, he is a powerful alchemist that not only works with the laws of the Universe, but also on an earthly plane where his manifestations come to life.

I adore the ceremonial robe that The Magician is wearing, as that is a sign of respect for the work that he does. As a child, I remember my Grandma changing out of her regular clothes to put on ones that she only wore during meditation. As an Alchemist, having rituals is important as that allows you to create sacred space to manifest your desires.

The Wild Unknown Tarot
The Wild Unknown Tarot

When I drew The Magician from The Wild Unknown Tarot, I couldn’t help but wonder why Kim Krans chose the cheetah? Then I started to think about the animal medicine associations and had an ah-ha moment. The cheetah primarily lives in semi arid and desert environment in Africa where water and food are not abundant, thus the cheetah needs to be resourceful. Also, the cheetah is stealthy and one of the fastest animals on the planet. Undoubtedly, the cheetah knows how to harness power from his strengths to survive.

The sun shining behind the cheetah’s head is associated with masculine energy & consciousness.  For these reasons, the sun also represents the number one for me. I love how the cheetah proudly displays the infinity sign on his chest, as Mother Earth does not bless all animals with such gifts. The cheetah’s paws rest on the pentacle, as he is known as the King of his earthly territory.

In a nut shell, The Magician is able to combine his understanding of the elements and universal laws on Earth with his ability to manipulate energy to manifest what he needs and wants in his life!


Trigger words & phrases:

  • Manifestation
  • Communication
  • Concentration
  • Resourcefulness
  • Determination aka Will-Power
  • Law of attraction
  • Shape-shifting
  • Alchemy
  • Magikal rituals and ceremonies
  • Awareness of your gifts

How you view the cards is subjective and is influenced by what is happening or has occurred in your life! Other valid meanings for the card do exist, and I believe the best way to connect with the Tarot is to understand the energy of each card and how it triggers your intuition. So, what does The Magician mean for you? What are your trigger words & phrases?


How does The Magician mingle, move & shake with the other cards?

When The Magician appears in a card spread, he has the ability to amplify the energy of the card that he is placed near. For example, if The Magician was to appear next to The Chariot then one interpretation could be that travels will go as you desire, so put out into the Universe that you want to have a magnificent trip! You create your reality!!!

On the contrary, if The Magician was to appear next to the Nine of Swords that may indicate that potent energy is being wasted, as the querent is under stress and not able to maximize their manifestation powers to get out of their hellish situation.


Affirmation for The Magician . . .

“I am the creator of my destiny and the navigator of my life!”

“I have the will-power to manifest anything that I desire.”

“I have all the sacred resources that I need at my disposal”


Rider-Waite Smith and Chrysalis Tarot
Rider-Waite Smith and Chrysalis Tarot

Crystal Medicine

The Magician is a wisdom keeper of the Elements and is a master at transforming energy. He knows that the keys to manifestation are within him and he doesn’t require fancy tools & complicated rituals. As I tap into The Magician’s energy, I feel that he needs sodalite, the poet’s stone, to help him open his Throat Chakra so that he can clearly communicate what he wants to manifest. Also, a shit load of clear quartz to amplify the energy of what he wants to manifest! Maybe even optical calcite to double the strength of a spell that he might be casting!!!



Embrace The Magician . . .

  1. To understand the energy of The Magician, try to embody the vibration of this card by using all your skills that you already have to manifest a goal. Try using this mindset with a short-term goal first and then gradually try with long-term ones. How can you manifest your goals? Create a clear intention of what energy you’d like to bring into your life. Write down your intention. Take a moment to contemplate if you are you using all your powers to manifest your goal? What could you be doing differently? Then go do it!
  2. Connect with a clear quartz crystal. Program the crystal with your intention after you have cleared the energy of the crystal. You can use sage, sound, or your energy to clear. To program the crystal hold it in your projective (dominant) hand and repeat your intention until you intuitively feel the crystal has been programmed. Continue to work and connect with the crystal until your intention materializes.
  3. Vision boards are another powerful way to manifest what you desire and need in your life. Cut out pictures from magazines that resonate with your goals and place them onto a board. I prefer to use a canvas board rather than a poster board, as I can hang the collage of photographs on my wall afterwards like a piece of art.
  4. For those of you who practice spell casting and magic, try doing a spell or a blessing to manifest what you desire.
  5. Practice the Law of Attraction for 21 days. Take note of any changes that have resulted from your mind shift. If you need more information on the Law of Attraction, there are heaps of great books out there! Time for a visit to the bookstore 🙂




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