The Fool: Are you one?

You might be wondering who The Fool represents? 

Are you The Fool? You bet! And, you are about to embark on an amazing journey!!!

The Fool is a symbolic representation of your journey through life. 

The archetype is of the innocent self. Experiences you gain and the lessons you learn will help you mature and change your outlook on life.

You will meet many of the archetypes and energies that The Fool encounters on his journey through the Major Arcana. As The Fool interacts and connects with each of the different archetypes, he learns about important life lessons.  For Example: The Fool connects with The Empress (III), a motherly figure whom he knows he can depend on for heart-centred advice and nurturance. When The Fool interacts with The Emperor (IV), he learns about structure and stability among other wisdom from this archetypal energy.

Before you read any further, take a moment to write down your reflections of The Fool, as your first impressions will provide you with immense personal insights as you learn the Tarot or continue to deepen your existing understanding. Try using descriptive words and phrases to capture the energy of the card. Use all five senses to connect with the card, so that you can tap into your intuition: What do you see? What do you hear? What do you taste? What do you feel? What do you smell?

The Fool is the only card in the Tarot that is the number zero. Why? Zero symbolizes ‘nothingness’, freedom from attachments, and is believed to be a representation of the ‘Divine.’ The number zero is also connected to the anticipation before a journey begins, much like when the momentum is building in the few seconds before you jump off the diving board that is 20 feet high! In my eye, the number zero represents the fact that The Fool has not yet begun his journey, but he is on the verge of embarking on it.

Why the name The Fool? Often, The Fool is described as being aloof because he seems to have his head in the clouds. The Fool’s energy isn’t necessarily about being foolish, but more so about being a risk taker! I believe that the name “The Fool” is used to remind us that life is one grand journey and not to take ourselves too seriously.

Think about when you were about to start a new project, a new relationship, a new job, or a new adventure, you were most likely not sure where you’d end up, but you knew you had to take that risk in order to follow your heart! The Fool’s energy is about taking a leap of faith and starting a journey without any inhibitions holding you back. Release yourself from your cage and soar to where your heart is calling!

Rider Waite Smith and The Wild Unknown Tarot
Rider Waite Smith and The Wild Unknown Tarot

In The Rider-Waite Smith, the white sun shines down on The Fool representing the Divine lighting the way for his journey.  The Fool stands precariously on the edge of a cliff, a powerful image, as you don’t always know what your next step will be. In the end, the only option left is to take the giant leap of faith into the unknown and if you don’t jump, you risk being held back by your fears!

The Fool isn’t about to head out into the unknown unprepared, as he has packed all tools that he will need in the bag that he is carrying over his shoulder. If you have any doubts about stepping into the unknown, please know that your existing experiences and skills will assist you, and that you aren’t alone, as Spirit is always with you! Notice that he isn’t bringing any other possessions with him and is travelling fairly lightly because he knows one must let go of the past in order to begin a new adventure.

The white, jagged mountains in the background represent the challenges that The Fool will face. What would a journey be without a few bumps on the road to make it exciting, eh? Challenges are a blessing in disguise, as your ability to adapt to new circumstances and your faith in yourself is tested. If your will power is strong, nothing can stand in your way!

Colour is another method used to gauge the energy of the cards. The background of this card is yellow, representing a positive journey that will awaken your consciousness to new potential that you never realized before. The Fool’s green outfit symbolises the exponential spiritual growth that he will experience and the red feather in his hat represents the wisdom that he will gain.

As with any journey, your tribe’s support can make all the different, including your four legged companions. The Fool knows that he is not alone, as his loyal companion, the white dog is going to stay by his side as long as he treats him with respect and gives him unconditional love.

You will see the Fool’s journey through your eyes depending on what new adventure you are about to embark on! At times, you have probably felt no resistance to starting a new journey, but at other times, you might have major cold feet. Each adventure is unique!

The Fool Quote #3

The Wild Unknown Tarot provides a unique perspective of the Tarot that is different to any other deck out there, yet connects to the Rider-Waite Smith effortlessly. Kim Krans, the creator, has drawn illustrations that are simple, but complex and have the ability to trigger your intuition in ways you never thought before.

The image of the chick standing on the edge of a branch holds immense power, as you known the bird hasn’t yet realized her full potential, as she is only a baby. In what area of your life are you the chick?

Next, ask yourself: Will the chick jump and trust that she will soar? Will she stand on the edge of the branch and only dream of what it would be like to take flight? Alternatively, will she jump and fail?  Your answer provides immense insight into your own psyche. Thus, the Tarot is a powerful tool that you can use to understand yourself better.

After connecting with the card, I realized that the top half is a yellow-orange colour and the bottom black. Do you choose to see the bright side (yellow-orange) or only the fears (black) that take you into the dark abyss? It’s all about perspective, what’s yours?

Astrologically, The Fool is connected with the planet Uranus, which is associated with the air sign Aquarius. How does Uranus influence The Fool?  The planet is connected with radical shifts and Aquarius represents the independent thinker. The element of air is connected to thoughts, ideas, and communication. When you sum all of that up, you get The Fool, who is finally ready to get out of his head and make a radical change by embracing who he is.

The Fool Quote #2

Triggers words & phrases:

  • Optimistic new beginning
  • Embarking on a new journey
  • Taking a leap of blind faith
  • Grabbing life by the horns
  • Embracing your destiny
  • Child-like innocence
  • New Adventure
  • Free Spirit
  • Risk Taker
  • Beginning

How you view the cards is subjective and is influenced by what is happening or has occurred in your life! Other valid meanings for the card do exist, and I believe the best way to connect with the Tarot is to understand the energy of each card and how it triggers your intuition. So, what does The Fool mean for you? What are your trigger words & phrases?


How does The Fool mingle, move & shake with the other cards?

The Fool in a cardTarot spread brings the energy of encouragement, asks you to take a giant leap of faith, or be spontaneous and free spirited. If the Fool shows up next to The Star then you are being pushed to believe and trust in your dreams, so you can start a new adventure, one that aligns with your vision.

On the contrary, if The Tower is near The Fool then materialistic thoughts or ideals may have to fall to the way side before the new beginning can happen.


Affirmations for The Fool . . .

“I know in my heart and soul that I am ready to embark on my new journey.”

“I trust that I am guided by Spirit on my new path.”

“I am free spirited and adventurous.”


The Fool Card Meaning
Rider-Waite Smith and Chrysalis Tarot

Crystal Medicine

The Fool lets his ego go in order to take that giant leap of faith into the unknown and start a new journey. As I tap into The Fool’s energy, I feel that he needs selenite to keep his aura radiant and black tourmaline to stay neutral & grounded as he is headed into uncharted territory! What crystal medicine do you feel you need for your new journey?





Embrace The Fool . . .

  1. To understand the energy of The Fool, try to embody the energy of the card by trying a new activity.
  2. Record your journey through the Major Arcana as it relates to your life, so you can compare and contrast yours with the Fool’s. Try writing about how you connect with the different archetypes of the Major Arcana.
  3. If you are feeling a block in starting a new activity or cycle in your life, take a moment to write down all of the obstacles that you feel are preventing you from taking the giant leap of faith. What energies can you pull from The Fool to assist you in moving forward?
  4. At times, you are going to see the energy of The Fool in your friends, family, and colleagues. How can you assist them in embracing the energy of The Fool?
  5. To remedy any doubts that you might be facing in regards to your new journey, try to ground your energy by connecting to your Root Chakra, located at the base of your spine. Hematite is an excellent grounding stone that you can use to centre your energy and connect with Mama Earth.


The Fool Tarot Spread


Download The Fool’s Tarot Spread to dive deep into what this card means for you!

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  1. This is my first time coming to your blog and let me just say……I am blown away!!! You have nailed The Fool! Completely! I have been studying the Tarot for 6 years and your words here resonate 100% with me and my journey with the fool. As well as others I have known who have had him come up in a reading. This is a truly magnificent post! You covered everything and it is so informative! I love how its all laid out too! Beautiful. I envy you so much Sharron and I am so happy to have met you in this lifetime. Thank you for all this wonderful insight. I can’t wait to keep reading the rest! So much light and love to you. ???

  2. The School of Gypsy Arts

    Thank-you, Cyndi…usually takes me a few days to write about each individual card, as I am recollecting my personal experiences and also ones from teaching the Tarot. The Tarot is such an empowering tool, not sure that I will ever really know each card, as I am always learning more. Your welcome and I hope that our paths cross during this lifetime too <3 Much love & blessings to you!

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