21 ways to celebrate, honour, and connect with the full moon

With the Full Moon around the corner, you are probably wondering how you can celebrate, honour, and connect with the moon’s energy?

Did you know that it takes the moon approximately 29.5 days  to revolve around the earth? Coincidently, a woman’s cycle is about 28 days, as a result women are connected intimately to the moon. By honouring the moon, you honour yourself as a woman. 

Celebrating the Full Moon is powerful, especially for a woman, as you are connecting to divine feminine power!

The Full Moon can assist you in releasing stagnant energy, thoughts that no longer serve you, and break habits that are holding you back. Thus, connecting with the Full Moon can empower you to make changes in your life that you have been meaning to for a long time and breathe in new energy into your life! 

Over the years, I’ve celebrated and honoured the Full Moon in different ways, and here’s my top 21 ways to connect with the Full Moon:

1. Altar: Create an altar to honour the divine feminine with a Goddess statue, a picture of the moon full, a bowl of water, shells, or crystals connected to the moon . . . or whatever your heart resonates with! Follow your instincts as to what you’d like to place on your altar to honour the Full Moon. 

Moon Altar


2. Lunar Deity: Connect to a lunar goddess that resonates with your energy. Wikipedia has a comprehensive list of lunar deities that you can check out . . . see which goddess calls to you! I often connect with Anumati, a Hindu lunar deity during the Full Moon. Don’t be shy to call on your chosen lunar goddess to assist you with any challenges that you currently have in your life!

3. Gaze at the Moon: On a clear night, step outside and stare at the Full Moon. Try laying down on the grass and feel the energy of the Full Moon cleansing your soul and energizing your body. 

4. Release Ceremony: On a piece of paper write down any fears & worries, stagnant energy, habits you would like to let go of then burn that piece of paper in a sacred ritual by lighting a candle. As you burn away what no longer serves you, know that you are support and guided by the moon as you create room in your life for new energy to enter. 

5.  Meditate: Seriously there is nothing like meditating with the Full Moon, as she is at her full strength. Your meditation doesn’t have to be anything fancy, as you can simply sit outside (if possible), light a candle (not required), and focus on your breathing. Take a nice deep generous breathe in through your nose, pause with that breath, and then release through your mouth. . . continue to focus on your breathe until your mind quietens and then connect with the moon. You can also chant if you’d like or simply be present in the moment! 

6. Gather in Circle: The moon is connected to the divine feminine, so why not gather in circle with a few of your closest female friends and host a full moon event . . . perhaps you could share stories and connect around a bonfire. 

7. Spell-Casting: The full moon is a powerful time to cast spells, if you follow a Wiccan or Pagan path then Moon Spells: How to Use the Phases of the Moon to Get What You Want by Diane Ahlquist might be the perfect book for you!

8. Divination: The Full Moon is a heighten time for intuition, so why not do a bit of divination to get clarity and insights on a particular challenge you might be struggling. You can use any divination tool: pendulum, Tarot & Oracle cards, Runes, crystal ball, I-Ching, scrying with wax, Tea Leaves or whatever your heart resonates with to get your answers.

9. Tarot and Oracle Card Spread: As a reader of the Tarot, I love connecting with my cards on the Full Moon, as I receive a lot of clarity during this time.

Try my three card spread!

Card 1: What awareness does this Full Moon bring for me regarding any challenges that I am facing?

Card 2: How can I harness the energy of this Full Moon to manifest my desires?

Card 3: What do I need to focus on until the next Full Moon?


Full Moon Spread

10. Let Your Creative Juices Flow: Artists & Creative Types are energized by the Full Moon, as a result they write more and produce more art during this phase of the moon. Try painting or writing on the Full Moon, especially if you feel you have a creative block! Check out photos from a session I did with a few of the members of The School of Gypsy Arts back in February 2014: http://bit.ly/1QZQABD

11. Connect with Crystals: My top 3 favourite crystals for connecting with the Full Moon are selenite, moonstone, and amethyst. You can use any crystal that you resonate with to compliment your meditation, place on your altar, use to increase the potency of a spell that you cast, assist you in your creative endeavours during the Full Moon. 

12. Find your Rhythm: One of the ways that I love to connect to the Full Moon energies is to drum . . . this helps me to find my own rhythm. Drumming is a meditative experience and you can take yourself on a journey on the night of the Full Moon and see what insights your receive. 

13. Find your Tribe: Nothing beats having a circle to celebrate the Full Moons with! Do a search on Meet-Up.com to see if a group is hosting a Full Moon meditation or ceremony. If you are in the Vancouver area, please check out The School of Gypsy Arts Meet-Up group: www.meetup.com/gypsy-arts  as I regularly schedule Full Moon and New Moon events 🙂

14. Beeswax Candle: Make a Full Moon candle from blue or white coloured beeswax. Decorate the candle with symbols of the moon, such as shells, mirrors, silver wire, crystals connected to the moon or anything that you resonate with. Be careful to not add flammable material to the candle. I burn my candle each Full Moon and then tuck it away until the next one! In my Full Moon in Leo post, I share step by step tips on how to create your own beeswax candle for the Full Moon. 

Full Moon Beeswax Candle

15. Lunar Cycles: Educate yourself about the different phases of the moon: new, waxing, full, and waning. Connect to the moon by following the lunar cycle for a month and journalize your experience.

16. The Moon & Astrology: Learn about the different energies the moon has when it aligns with each of the 12 zodiac signs. For example, what energy does the Full Moon in Cancer have? The Moon in Cancer is connected to dreams, emotions, sensuality, creativity due to the zodiac sign’s connection to the element of water. 

17. Donate: The Full Moon is connected with releasing and letting go, so why not let go of stagnant energy that is taking up space in your home? Donate clothes and items that you no longer use to create room for new abundance to flow into your life!

18. Cleanse your Sacred Tools: You have probably heard of cleansing your crystals in the moonlight on a Full Moon  . . . but, why not also cleanse your other sacred tools, such as Tarot & Oracle cards, pendulum, etc . . . My crystal mentor, Hibiscus Moon has created a video about charging crystals under the Full Moon that you might find helpful!


19.  Connect to the Water: On the Full Moon visit the ocean, sea, lake, or river to connect with the element of water, which is intimately connected to the moon due to the tides. 

20. Sacred Water Ceremony For Purification: I wanted to share a special ceremony that I do to honour the Element of Water. I begin by fill a singing bowl with water that I captured from the last rainfall (not hard to do on the west coast of Canada). You can also use water from a stream or waterfall, and tap water is fine to use too! 

Then I make the bowl sing to charge the water with the beautiful uplifting vibrational frequencies. You can even place the water in a regular bowl and play the drum, rattle, bell or any other musical instrument. When I feel in my heart space  that the water is charged, I take a few sprigs of rosemary and dip them in the water. You can replace rosemary with a cedar branch or another herb that resonates with you!

I gently move the rosemary sprigs around my aura starting at my Crown Chakra and moving down to my Root Chakra. As I move the sprigs of rosemary around the water drops onto my skin and helps me cleanse & purify my mind, body & soul. You can also call on a Goddess connected to the water and/or moon during this water ceremony.

Water Ceremony


21. Cleanse your Space: Burn sage or any other sacred herb, resin, or incense that you connect with to energetically release stagnant energy from your home and to create sacred space for yourself to connect with the Full Moon! 


Love & Blessings,

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