Is Mercury Retrograde a Blessing in Disguise?

“OOooooohhhh noooooo it’s Mercury Retrograde!”

I’ve been hearing a lot of that lately and felt I wanted to deal with the whole Mercury Retrograde situation head on. I am not an Astrologer, however, I have experienced a few Mercury Retrogrades! I want to share a few tips and insights that might be helpful for you 🙂

What the heck is Mercury Retrograde?

Planets seem to be travelling backwards through the Zodiac, which is an illusion known as retrograde motion.

How often does Mercury go into retrograde motion?

Only three to four times a year! Yay!!! 

What’s the Mercury Retrograde schedule for this year?

  • December 19, 2016 to January 8, 2017

  • April 9 – May 3, 2017

  • August 12 – September 5, 2017

  • December 3 – December 22, 2017

(Please note that the dates vary each year)

How long does the retrograde last?

Roughly three weeks  . . . and the effects are often felt a few days before and after the official start & end dates.

Traditionally, Mercury Retrograde has been associated with miscommunication, technology going hay wire, cars breaking down, general chaos and mishaps, as the planet Mercury rules communication, contracts and travel.  Also, the mainstream belief at the moment is not to sign any contracts or start any new projects when Mercury is in retrograde.

I used to fall victim to the traditional way of looking at Mercury Retrograde and blame my miscommunication on the retrograde, not myself. Why not just blame everything on Mercury Retrograde, even if it is your own f**k-up 😛 Mercury Retrograde has become a escape goat for many! 

I have seriously changed my tune, as I have became more aware of the benefits of Mercury Retrogrades:

  • Perfect time for reflection and to complete unfinished projects
  • Heightened time for intuition
  • Period of clarity & empowerment
  • Connecting with people from your past and receiving closure (hopefully!)
  • Lost items may turn up 
  • Learning the truth about a relationship or situation

The modern approach to Mercury Retrograde is not fear based, but is ALL about empowerment. For example, when Mercury is in retrograde double check your emails, texts & contracts to prevent any miscommunication or issues in the future. Also, give yourself lots of extra time to get to places and be flexible with travel plans. Getting an oil change, tune up, and other check ups on your car before the retrograde hits lessens your chances of having vehicle troubles. 

I find that, during the Mercury Retrograde period, projects or relationships that aren’t serving my higher purpose usually come to an end. Thus, bringing me more focus and clarity!

Being aware of the fact that Mercury is in retrograde gives you insight into why others might not be communicating to the best of their ability or acting frustrated. With your awareness of the retrograde, you can choose to be patient and help others understand why things might be going side ways, so they can be in a place of empowerment too!

Love & Blessings,

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  1. I get so much DONE during Mercury Retrograde! I’ve finished up wording on my website, I’ve written two LONG blog posts, and several other items. Before it started I felt cloudy and hazy. Now? I’m READY TO GO. I like it!

  2. The School of Gypsy Arts

    You are a true example of how to harness the energy of the retrograde . . . well done 🙂

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