De-cluttering is a Spiritual Practice


To a certain extent all of us are guilty of clutter…

Maybe you have a junk room (I did until a few days ago!) or a closet that is filled to the brim with stuff…I bet you can’t remember the contents of what is stored in there…each time you de-clutter you find buried treasures!

The energy clutter brings into your space is one of chaos…you aren’t able to find what you are looking for and waste tons and tons of time looking for missing items that are simply lost in the mayhem…yes, the mayhem of clutter!

You know you have clutter when you end up purchasing a replacement for the lost item which you end up find days, weeks, or months later…then you end up with two identical items! Of course, you don’t want to give-away or donate the second  item in case you lose the first one again…at least you’ll have a back-up! Right???

By releasing duplicates and items that you never use, you let go of stagnant energy. You replace that old energy with a higher vibrating one. From a Feng-Shui point of view, you create more room for energy to flow in your space to create abundance.

Recently, I went through a huge, huge, huge energy shift…I no longer could leave my junk room as one…that’s right! And with The School of Gypsy Arts growing…I knew that I couldn’t keep working from my dining table. Instead, I needed a dedicated space to create and dream up workshops…a Gypsy cave!

As you can see from the pictures (not proud), I truly had a junk room with no rhyme or rhythm, as stuff was scattered and piled every where. I knew I had to get a move on this, so I created 3 boxed and labelled them paperwork, keep, & donate. As, I started to sort through the junk, I could feel energy being released from the space. Ah, freedom from clutter!!!

Messy 1Messy 2

After the room was emptied, I laid down for a quick meditation to visualize what my sacred space would look like and the images started to flood in…so, I got up and moved the furniture around and organized my gazillions of books…and other items…wahla my junk room was transformed into my sacred space.

If you’ve been putting off clearing a space or room, don’t wait…de-cluttering is a powerful spiritual experience! You need to create space in order for miracles and energy to start flowing. By the way, here are the after pictures (totally proud) of what my space now look like.

Gypsy Cave 1Gypsy Cave 2

Of course, you don’t need to have a dedicated room to create sacred space. Instead, you can create a sacred altar, a space where you can go to find peace & relaxation. I’ve talked about  how you can create your own sacred altar before.

Here’s what Suzanne Nixon, a member of The School of Gypsy Arts said I used to get quite down thinking that having my own sacred space was just a dream until I realised that I don’t need a whole room to do it. I now have several sacred places, or mini altars – Instead of just placing ‘ornaments’ around my home I group together objects that mean something special to me, perhaps they remind me of a loved one in spirit, or objects that with my intention are placed together to attract some things into my home or life. These places include small window ledges, a corner or the tv table, I try not to clutter them and I can change them or update them whenever I want. As they are in places that I see everyday the sentiments behind the grouping are constantly being re-affirmed in my intentions. One day I hope to manifest my very own little room that I can set aside as a sacred space and use for meditation etc., but until then I’m really happy with my little solution. Here’s a couple of pics for you of a some of my spaces :)”




Love & Blessings,

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